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olivelove trip 2016 – insights

All right… back home, almost craving for normality and routine and usual rhythms, surprised and glad that my mind was totally detached and switched to more practical stuff for the last 16 days. Dimitris, is there a parking slot close to the event place? I don’t know, I ‘ve never been before! How much do parking fees differ across EU countries? (believe me a lot!) Will the weather be on our side? (no fun when you have to carry stuff…

olivelove savor cake

ingredients: 2 eggs 3 colorful peppers (yellow, orange, red). We ‘ll use half of each. 100 gr Kalamata olives 150 ml extra virgin olive oil 200 ml milk 250 gr flour 16 gr baking powder 200 gr feta cheese 150 gr graviera (optionally) 1 table spoon brown sugar a pinch of salt Sift the flour, stir the 2 eggs and add the flour, the baking powder, the olive oil, the sugar, the salt and the milk. Cut the cheese, the olives and…

bitter, spicy or both?

The bitterness and the spiciness in the extra virgin olive oil have their origin to polyphenols, substances that have to be in it. The more polyphenols, the more bitter and spicy is the olive oil. Polyphenols is what makes extra virgin olive oil indispensable for a healthy diet. They are potent antioxidants and contribute to prevent various degenerative pathologies. This is why we look for polyphenols in the extra virgin olive oil and thus, we consider the bitter and spicy…

Olivelove trip 2015

Also this year, the olivelove express visited Munich, Mannheim, Darmstadt, Dusseldorf, Nurnberg and Trento. We have delivered to you fresh extra virgin olive oil, olives and herbs from our farm in Kalamata. Have you already tasted them? We ‘ ll be happy to have your feedback with respect to our products. We would like to thank you, olivelovers, for choosing our products and share some olivelove moments with you! See you next year! Until then, we ll update our blog…

Cultivation 2015

“2015” proved to be a decent and prosperous year with respect to our production. The weather was with our side. We reached a 0,3% acidity and thankfully fulfilled our expectations for this year. Cultivating our olive trees using only traditional methods and keeping the fruits less than 2 days in the bags is some of our secrets. Thank you for your support. We are looking forward to seeing you in April.

Kardamyli Centenarian Olive Trees

At the southeastern corner of Messinia we discover a land decorated with towers, the so called Mani region. Rough and inspirational and the base of mount Taygetos. The visitor can find many beautiful stone made villages and spectacular views. It is the ancient land famous for its stone and the centenerian olive trees, the sun, the open blue sea and fresh air. Kardamili has many fortified tower houses in the old town and some of the stone paths leading to…

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