All right… back home, almost craving for normality and routine and usual rhythms, surprised and glad that my mind was totally detached and switched to more practical stuff for the last 16 days. Dimitris, is there a parking slot close to the event place? I don’t know, I ‘ve never been before! How much do parking fees differ across EU countries? (believe me a lot!) Will the weather be on our side? (no fun when you have to carry stuff under rain or even snow) How might police react in case they stop two Greeks and an Italian in a van full of olive oil, olives, oregano, tea and salt at the Italian-Austrian-Dutch-German borders? (no worries, the simplest is always to tell the truth) Did we count the orders correctly? Shall I count again? Leave it for now and let me buy you a beer! Where two hitchhikers Polish girls wanna go? We participate in a hitchhiking race till Rome!! All these images jump in my mind without asking and form an oscillating, emotional, colorful and multicultural, gourmet “soup”.

It is when your friends ask you about your trip that you, almost unconsciously, decide to fish some experiences to share with them. In this year’s trip, we were hosted in 7 different houses and met too many and too wonderful people willing to embrace our story, our effort and our love for natural Greek products. Electra who is fed up with classical ballet and wants to get into yoga, Dominique who sells the sand of the moroccan wall of shame in Sahara to make people aware of this injustice, Gaetano who wants to become mayor in his tiny home village, Riccardo who wants to go at Kalamata and collect olives during the harvest, Jacob who knows by heart Greek proverbs, a Greek and a Turkish who continue a game of backgammon paused for 5 years under the Bavarian sun. What do they have in common? They are all children of the united Europe and each of them makes us see their genuine point of view. And while this continues to happen, we will be traveling in a van bringing our products to olivelovers.

A big thanks and an even bigger hug to all of you! See you next year!


PS: we also want to increase awareness, so, have a look

Driving from fairytalish-city Trento towards industrial Frankfurt/Darmstadt

Escaping from Frankfurt/Darmstadt and heading to The “Oranje” Netherlands

Leaving The efficient Netherlands and heading back to pre-industrial wonderful Dusseldorf then Nurnberg and finally to the imposing city of Munich